Thursday, November 17

Cramers Coffee Shop


Coming from an IT background which can be unstable at times, opening a coffee WIFI spot for Graeme Pyle was a no brainer, as he was looking for stability and a much calmer environment .To my surprise Cramers coffee shop has been in business since April of 2007.Graeme Pyle’s initial plan was to open the coffee shop at some TOP SHAYELA space in Sandton or Rosebank, but to his disappointment he couldn’t get space there, every business was doing good the economy was striving quite well at the time, every good space was taken(before the huge world RECESSION).If you ask me FATE favored him, Joburg CBD is the new IT place and anything and everything  that is hip and happening is coming to the JHB CBD.
I was quite disappointed with myself and surprised at the same time as I only discovered this Gem in February of this year. I consider myself to be a Joburger I appreciate and promote everything that is Joburg so you can understand my disappointment when I realized I have been ignoring the treasures of my beloved City. I first discovered Cramers when a friend arranged for us to meet there, and with my first impression of the place I was sold. Funny thing though I’m not a coffee lover at all (well ok I don’t drink coffee) I was just mesmerized by the music that they played that day, I am an avid fan of soul music so when they played Me’Shell Ndeg√©Ocello I immediately handpicked Cramers to be my new favorite spot. I also fell in love with the incredible ambience of the spot which is rare in a coffee shop as coffee shops are usually dull and quite (almost feels like you in church) but not at Cramers there’s definitely a classy vibe about my hang out spot.
Since it has become my weekly hang out spot, I’ve also noticed the friendliness and enthusiasm of their hip and young waiters and waitresses, every time I go there I always wonder what criteria does Graeme use to hire his staff because they all seem to be one of a kind, they seem to b cut from the same cloth or maybe it’s the coffee HIGH. Not only do they serve fresh coffee which they stock from Bean There Coffee, they also serve fresh tasty eats varying from salads, sandwiches to delicious mouth watering decadent confectionaries, and my personal favorite smoothies of all kinds.
There’s an undeniable convenience about the location of Cramers, both for drivers and commuters of public transport, it’s about 5 minutes away from Gandhi Square bus terminal and the area is surrounded by banks, and for you young up and coming Entrepreneurs you can just go up the road at “THE BUSINESS PLACE” for a lil Q and A with those in the know how get their advice and opinions on how to start your own business.
This is a brilliant spot to have your meetings bring your laptop, grab some refreshments of your choice and get connected to their WIFI. You can also alternatively come with your book or take a pick from their selection of magazines and read on…enjoy the “PLEASURE OF DOING NOTHING”( as the Italians say) sit and watch the vibe of the big City through the window.
For more on this delicious coffee spot check out their website on even better go and experience all this talk for yourself at Shop 9, 17 Harrison Street (corner Main Street) Marshalltown, Johannesburg

Nolita Mankayi for Decades at Pala Stay blessed and VINTAGE!!!

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